How we make our films

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There were so many times when we went up to people with our HDSLR and people instantly posed for the perfect photo. And only after 5 seconds, of putting a stiff smile on their faces and waiting for us to push the click, did they start to feel embarrassed. They had no idea that we were filming, instead of taking a picture (you can now imagine a vicious grin on my face!) Want to see what I mean, see the video below :)


The world has changed and to many people, videographers are bulky men with shoulder-mounted cameras. More and more indie directors and cinematographers have chosen HDSLR over professional camcorders for very obvious reasons – to start with they are lighter and more discreet; secondly, they are better quality due to interchangeable lenses; and thirdly – I have really run out of thoughts but did you know the grand finale of the popular TV show House was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II? And we have two of those!

That hasn’t really explained how we make our films, has it? There isn’t really a standard answer, as we take every film as a unique project and we are spontaneous on every wedding we film. Most of the time, we are just silent observers, capturing the moments with the least artificial effects. Enough said, just drop us an email today and tell us a bit more about how you are planning your big day. From then we will tell you how we will make your unique film of your special day.