About our films

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OK, we finally got to sit down and talk about our films, which we are really proud of. In a nutshell, we don’t just do wedding videos – we create films. We call them films, because we put our hearts and souls into them. Every project is so unique that it deserves to be treated as special and is carefully crafted by our skillful team.

It all started with an idea – to tell stories. In the beginning, we thought we would be only be telling love stories. But really, there is so much depth and a much broader spectrum to every single film we make. There are stories about heroes and heroins, stories of lost and found, stories of bravery, stories of so many things. And we observe, listen, harness the power of storytelling and turn your special one-day footage into a piece of art. (Well, sometimes it’s more than one day!)

Anyway, enough said, please feel free to look around and see some of our previous customer’s stories. Remember, you could also have your story told in a unique way.

iWedding Visuals – it’s not just videoing a wedding, this is filmmaking.